Kim Smith is a godess

Perhaps the most tragic loss of the old site was the various posts about Kim Smith. Luckily I think I still have most of the photos.

Kim Smith Kim Smith Kim Smith

Yes indeed, there is more after the break.

Kim Smith Kim Smith Kim Smith

2 Comments on "Kim Smith is a godess"

  1. She has one of the most flawlessly beautiful bodies I have ever laid eyes upon, and I have not looked away since. If there is any woman in the world I would love to make mine right now it is Kim Smith. Every time I see her, I can’t help but explode (if you know what I mean). . .

  2. I could’nt agree more!
    Every time I’ve come across a photo or video of her I’ve felt my heart, soul & gut pounding; a wave of warmth overwhelms me and even after all those years the magic still happens.
    I might add that the same thing occurs every time I watch my girl smiling at me in her tight pants or low-cut top but that’s love, right?!
    Back to Kim Smith: her eyes, mouth and body make me faint.
    I haven’t played the top 10 game for a long time but I’m pretty confident she’d still make my top 5…
    Well in layman’s terms: SHE DRIVES ME INSANE!!!

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